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A Farscape Icontest

A Farscape Icontest
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Welcome to fs_icontest!
An icontest for the tv series Farscape. I hope you will enjoy it~
Of course you don't have to have seen all of the series (yet) to participate, but I do allow icons from all through the series, so there may very well be spoilers if you haven't seen it all.


01. All icons must follow the LJ specifications; max 40kb and no bigger than 100x100 px in size.
02. No animation, this is a stillness icontest.
03. The icons must be made by you, no stealing!
04. Submit new icons, don't post them anywhere until the winners have been announced. For fair voting we want them to be anonymous
05. Host the icons outside of LJ, Photobucket is a good site.

06. If nothing else is stated you can use caps from any episode as well as promo-picures. A good place to find caps is
Farscapecaps.com and lots of nice promopics can be found over at The John and Aeryn Site. Just remember to credit the source and all that. You are also allowed to use promo pics of the actors or picture with them from like Farscape conventions.

07. No stealing of icons! If you want an icon that doesn't win (and therefore doesn't get the creator's name published) contact me about it and I'll show you to the other person whom you an ask if you can snurch the icon. Also, this means that if you don't want your icons snurchable, state this is your comment with submission.
The icons that are used as examples for each challenge are all snurchable, just credit your co-mod, pnr, since she made them.


A new challenge will be posted once a week. You then have one week to enter icons.
You may enter up to five icons.
The deadline for entering icons is midnight ESTon the last day to submit icons.

Please submit the icons by commenting to the challenge post, no where else.
The comments will be screened. If you want to ask something, do it in a separate comment since it will become unscreened with the answer.

When you submit your icon, please include both the picture and the url, like this:


Use an outside host, like Photobucket, and don't delete or move your icons until the winners have been ennounced. I will be using the provided url, and we don't want sudden empty spaces during voting.

If you want to suggest a theme, you can do so


Every week the previous week's submissions will be up for voting.
Voting will end midnight EST on the last day to vote.
You may not vote for your own icon. You cannot ask anyone to vote for you.

Vote for your three favourite icons, in descending order of preference.
Points will be given depending on what rank the icon gets in voting:

First Choice: 3 points
Second Choice: 2 points
Third Choice: 1 point

Vote also for ONE (1) icon each of these:

Best Hush: (Best icon without text)
Best Crop:
Best Color:
Best Text:

The amount of icons you can vote for might change depending on how many submissions that's recieved.

All votes are screened, so they are anonymous.
Non-members may also vote, so you are free to tell your friends to come voting but remember to not tell them which icons are yours. That's cheating! Anonymous voting is not allowed.

Previous winners can be found here


Your mod is Amanda ,regularamanda and your co-mod is Pocki, pnr. If you want to reach me for some reason, feel free to send a PM.

For questions concerning a specific challenge/contest, please comment in the challenge post. Other users may be wondering the same thing.

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